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Ocugine Services JavaScript SDK for your games, applications and websites.
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Ocugine JavaScript SDK

Welcome to the Ocugine Platform. With this SDK you can develop your games faster, using dozens of ready-to-use modules for your projects. You can use our SDK for WebGL games or HTML5 applications.

To get started, checkout examples and documentation at You also need to create your Ocugine Account and setup your project in the Ocugine Dashboard

Browser compatibility

  • Chrome >= v.58 (Apr 2017)
  • Firefox >= v.54 (Jun 2017)
  • Edge >= v.14 (Aug 2016)
  • Safari >= v.10 (Sep 2016)
  • Opera >= v.55 (Aug 2017)


Connect our SDK library for your project:

<script type="text/javascript" src="" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

Or use minified version:

<script type="text/javascript" src="" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

If you want to use our UI Module from JS SDK you need to connect CSS:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" crossorigin="anonymous">

Setup SDK

So, you can initialize Ocugine JS SDK by few lines of code:

// Initialize SDK
let OSDK = new OcugineSDK({ // App Settings
	app_id: APP_ID, // Your Project ID
	app_key: APP_KEY // Your Client Key


  • APP_ID (required) - Project ID. You can find them here.
  • APP_KEY (required) - Client Key. You can find them here.
  • SDK_SETTINGS - SDK Settings Object.
  • DEBUG_MODE - Boolean (true - debug, false - production).

SDK Settings Object:

	show_ui: true,  // Show built-in UI for methods
	language: "EN", // API Language
	auto_analytics: true, // Auto Analytics for your project
	platform: "web", // Game Platform
	auto_reports: true // Auto Reporting (Errors) - Error's Logging

Objects List

The list of available object:

  • OcugineSDK - General SDK Class;
  • Ocugine_Auth - OAuth Authentication Class;
  • Ocugine_Analytics - Analytics Class (for example: events and conversions);
  • Ocugine_Gaming - Game Services Class (for example: achievements);
    • leaderboards - Leaderboards Object;
    • achievements - Achievements Object;
    • missions - Missions Object;
  • Ocugine_Monetization - Monetization Class;
  • Ocugine_Notifications - In-Game Notifications class;
  • Ocugine_Marketing - Marketing Class;
  • Ocugine_Ads - Advertising Class;
  • Ocugine_Backend - Cloud Management Class;
    • storage - Storage Object;
    • saves - Cloud-Saves Object;
    • database - Database Object;
    • multiplayer - Multiplayer Object;
    • liveconfs - Live Configs Object;
    • backend - Backend Builder Object;
  • Ocugine_Reports - Errors and Performance Reporting Class;
    • errors - Errors Reporting Object;
    • performance - Performance Reporting Object;
  • Ocugine_Localization - Localization Class;
  • Ocugine_Users - Ocugine Users Class;
    • policy - Policy Management Object;
    • users - Users Management Object;
    • support - Support System Object;
    • chats - Chats Object;
    • dialogs - Personal Messages Object;
    • reviews - Reviews Object;
  • Ocugine_UI - Ocugine UI Modules Class (Requires jQuery);
  • Ocugine_Utils - Ocugine Utils Class

What's next?

Learn more about Ocugine SDK and Platform here.

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