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Dojo BTR Static Blog

This project was generated with the Dojo CLI & Dojo CLI create app command.

Blog site template, heavily copied influenced from dojo/site repo. Built to be a static site tool. Still a work in progress.



Run npm run build or dojo build --mode dist (the mode option defaults to dist) to create a production build for the project. The built artifacts will be stored in the output/dist directory.

Development Build

Run npm run build:dev or dojo build --mode dev to create a development build for the project. The built artifacts will be stored in the output/dev directory.

Development server

Run npm run dev or dojo build --mode dev --watch file --serve to create a development build and start a development server. By default the server runs on port 9999, navigate to http://localhost:9999/.

To change the port of the development server use the --port option on the dojo build command.

To create an in memory development build and start a development server with hot reload, switch the --watch option to memory.

Running unit tests

To run units tests in node only use npm run test or dojo test which uses JIT (just in time) compilation.

To run the unit tests against built bundles, run npm run test:unit.

To be re-run the unit tests without needing to re-build the full application each time, first build the app with --mode unit and the --watch option, dojo build --mode unit --watch. Then run dojo test --config local to run the unit tests as needed.

The build test artifacts are written to the output/tests/unit directory. These tests are located in the tests/unit directory.

Running functional tests

To run the functional tests, run npm run test:functional. These tests are located in the tests/functional directory.

Running unit and functional tests together

To run both unit and functional tests as the same time, run npm run test:all.

Further help

To get help for these commands and more, run dojo on the command line.


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