A rhythm rpg with randomly generated beatmaps.
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bearly dancing

A rhythm rpg with randomly generated beatmaps, written in python using the pygame library. Journey through a quirky world, playing the music for dance battles between a bear and his foes.

Setting up the environment

Download a version of python 3. Run setup.py. Do not run setup.py from IDLE, because there seems to be a bug that causes ultra-slow download speeds.

To play the game without development features, set exportmode in variables.py to True.

Making an executable


Call python build.py build. A folder named build should appear.


Call python build.py bdist_mac --iconfile icon.icns. A folder named build should appear. If there are errors in copying files (such as wav or png) or errors in included libraries, there may be no effect.

Creative Commons License
bearly dancing by Oliver Flatt is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.