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Oj parsing issue #56

zimbatm opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Oj shouldn't produce symbols when parsing a JSON message:

res = Oj.dump {:a=>'b'} #=> "{\":a\":\"b\"}"
Oj.load(res) #=> {:a => 'b'}

It's wrong because the format never specifies the symbol type which opens unexpected behaviors but more importantly, symbols are never garbage collected which means that an attacker could easily flood a VM with unused objects.


That is the behavior in the :object mode. If it is not what you want then use a different mode. You can also change the symbolize_keys option. It is only a vulnerability if you expose it directly to end users in that mode. Don't do that and you will be fine.


Closing this issue as it appears it would be fixed by a more careful look at the documentation and there has been no response for a week.

@ohler55 ohler55 closed this
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