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  1. Alignment Alignment Public

    Alignment, a collaborative, system aided, user driven ontology/vocabulary matching and validation platform.

    JavaScript 12 1

  2. gginference gginference Public

    Visualise the Results of Inferential Statistics using 'ggplot2'

    R 12 3

  3. DayLikeToday DayLikeToday Public

    A project based on DBpedia and Wikipedia

    JavaScript 9 5

  4. DBpedia-Game DBpedia-Game Public

    The Semantic e-learning Game was designed as an entertaining and educational tool to produce knowledge and evaluation of knowledge. It is consisted of a series of games such as: multiple choice, an…

    Java 5 1

  5. indigo indigo Public

    indigo is an analytics presentation app. It is funded by the project

    TypeScript 4 2

  6. Cluster.OBeu Cluster.OBeu Public

    Cluster Analysis

    R 2


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