Hyperapp expansion pack for create-react-app.
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Hyperapp for zero-configuration create-react-app style projects

Starting a new project

Start by creating a new folder for your awesome new Hyperapp project and initialize a new project with npm.

mkdir my-awesome-project
cd my-awesome-project
mkdir public src
npm init -y

Install your dependencies (they're good for your health).

npm i hyperapp
npm i -D cra-hyperapp

Then open your package.json in your favorite text editor and add your scripts.

"scripts": {
+  "start": "hyperapp-scripts",
+  "build": "hyperapp-scripts build"

Create a public/index.html file.

<!doctype html>
    <title>My awesome app!</title>

Next create a src/index.js file with a basic hello world app.

import { h, app } from "hyperapp"

const state = { title: "Hi." }
const actions = {}
const view = state => <h1>{state.title}</h1>

app(state, actions, view, document.body)

Finally start your app and gaze upon its glory.

npm start

Congratulations! Your app is now ready to make even more awesome! 😎

A 12 step recovery program for kicking your React/Redux habit in favor of Hyperapp

  1. Remove the react, react-dom, redux, and react-redux dependencies.
npm rm react react-dom redux react-redux
  1. Add the hyperapp and cra-hyperapp dependencies.
npm i hyperapp cra-hyperapp
  1. Replace react-scripts with hyperapp-scripts in your package.json.
"scripts": {
-  "start": "react-scripts start",
-  "build": "react-scripts build"
+  "start": "hyperapp-scripts start",
+  "build": "hyperapp-scripts build"
  1. Remove your Redux store.
rm src/store.js
  1. Replace import React from "react" with import { h } from "cra-hyperapp". This gives some compatibility features like onClick style support and children as a component prop instead of 2nd argument.
-import React from "react"
+import { h } from "cra-hyperapp"
  1. Replace the ReactDOM.render with app from hyperapp using the withReducer HOA to pass your root reducer.
-import React from "react";
-import { render } from "react-dom";
-import { Provider } from "react-redux";
-import store from "./store";
+import { h, withReducer } from "cra-hyperapp";
+import { app } from "hyperapp";
+import reducer from "./reducer";

+  state,
+  actions,
-  <Provider store={store}>
-    <App />
-  </Provider>,
+  (state, actions) => <App />,
  1. Replace import { connect } from "react-redux" with import { connect } from "cra-hyperapp".
-import { connect } from "react-redux";
+import { connect } from "cra-hyperapp";

Your app should now be back in a working state. Verify this before going full Hyperapp.

  1. Move your action/reducer combinations over to native Hyperapp one at a time.
  2. Move your components over to native Hyperapp one at a time to use the built-in h and removing the connect HOC (this happens somewhat simultaneously with the last step).
-import { h, connect } from "cra-hyperapp"
+import { h } from "hyperapp";
  1. Remove the withReducer HOA from your app.
-import { withReducer } from "cra-hyperapp";
import { h, app } from "hyperapp";
-import reducer from "./reducer";

  1. Delete your reducer.
rm src/reducer.js
  1. Profit with Hyperapp. 💰