This is a starter repository for a project with PHPUnit.
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TDD seed project

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This is a starter repository for a project with PHPUnit.



Local PHP

You will need a local PHP installation with Composer (which is the preferred way).


Instead, you can also use Vagrant to run on a PHP 7 box.

vagrant up
vagrant ssh
cd tdd-seed/

You will then need to set up a remote PHP interpreter and PHPUnit as described in the PhpStorm documentation.

The PHP executable path on the Vagrant machine is /usr/local/bin/php.

Composer packages

Run composer install to install the required Composer packages.

About me (Oliver Klee)

I am the maintainer of the PHPUnit TYPO3 extension, which is available in the TYPO3 extension repository (TER).

You can book me for workshops at your company.

I also frequently give workshops at the TYPO3 Developer Days.

More Documentation

Other example projects