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Pedometer is a native pedometer API for Unity Engine.
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Pedometer API

Pedometer is a native pedometer API for the Unity game engine. The API provides sensor information about step count and distance covered (in meters). It is a minimalist API with native backends on iOS and Android.

Using the API

To use the API, simply create a Pedometer instance:

// Create a pedometer
// The OnStep callback will be invoked each time a step is detected
var pedometer = new Pedometer(OnStep);

void OnStep (int steps, double distance) {
    // Display the values
    stepText.text = steps.ToString();
    // Display distance in feet
    distanceText.text = (distance * 3.28084).ToString("F2") + " ft";

When you are done detecting steps from a Pedometer instance, you must dispose it:

// Dispose of this pedometer instance


  • On iOS, you must add an NSMotionUsageDescription key to the Info.plist in Xcode before building. This determines the message used to request pedometer permissions from the user.


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