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Coc autocompletion and list source for .bib files

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This Coc extension adds a BibTeX source to CocList. You can access it by running :CocList bibtex in (Neo)Vim. You can also use it as an autocompletion source for BibTeX entries.


Run :CocInstall coc-bibtex to install.


Changing your coc-settings.json file will change the behavior of coc-bibtex concerning:

  • Setting BibTeX File Location
  • Changing Supported Filetypes
  • Using with LaTeX
  • Silencing Cache Messages

Setting BibTeX File Location

Set list.source.bibtex.files to an array containing your .bib files. For instance, in coc-settings.json:

// …
  "list": {
    "source": {
      "bibtex": {
        "files": [
// …

Or in vimrc:

call coc#config('list.source.bibtex', {
  \  'files': [
  \    '~/my-library.bib'
  \  ]

Changing Supported Filetypes

By default, the following filetypes are supported for completion:

  • tex
  • plaintex
  • latex
  • pandoc
  • markdown

To change this behavior, determine the filetype (in Vim) you wish to add. This can be done by running :set filetype? with the kind of file you wish to support. Then, edit coc.source.bibtex.filetypes to include the filetype you wish to support (you will also have to include the default types, too).

If, for instance, you wanted to add support for .textile files, you would need to include the following in your coc-settings.json file:

coc.source.bibtex.filetypes: [

And textile support will be added.

Using with LaTeX

LaTeX is support for both completion and list management


To trigger completion with a citation command in LaTeX, instead of the pandoc-style @, add the following to coc-settings.json:

  "coc.source.bibtex.triggerPatterns": ["\\\\cite\\{"],
  "coc.source.bibtex.triggerCharacters": []

This will also work for the \cite{} command. Changing coc.source.bibtex.triggerPatterns to cite\\{ will work for any of the commands that end in cite, not just \cite.


The default configuration for the list source is to insert pandoc-style citations ([@cite-key]). If you would like to use this extension with LaTeX, add the following configuration:

In coc-settings.json:


"list.source.bibtex": {
    "citation": {
      "before": "\\cite{",
      "after": "}"

Silencing Caching Messages

To turn off the message that coc-bibtex is caching your .bib files, set bibtex.silent to true in your coc-settings.json file.

Useful Commands

coc-bibtex provides the following commands (which can be called as :CocCommand <command name> in Vim):

  • bibtex.reloadLibrary – This will reload the library, updating the cache with any new changes.


  • Add the ability to pass a .bib file as an argument to the list call
  • Color