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Control Your Player
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CYP: Control Your Player

CYP is a web-based frontend for MPD, the Music Player Daemon. You can use it to control the playback without having to install native application(s). It works in modern web browsers, both desktop and mobile.



  • Control the playback, queue, volume
  • Save and load playlists
  • Browse the library by artists/albums/directories
  • Display album art via native MPD calls (no need to access the library; requires MPD >= 0.21)
  • Youtube-dl integration
  • Dark/Light themes


Make sure you have a working MPD setup first and Node version >= 10

git clone && cd cyp
npm i
node .

Point your browser to http://localhost:8080 to open the interface.


  • Connected to MPD via WebSockets (using the ws2mpd bridge)
  • Token-based access to the WebSocket endpoint (better than an Origin check)
  • Modern ES6+ (modules, async/await)
  • Responsive layout via Flexbox
  • CSS Custom Properties
  • SVG icons (Material Design)
  • Can spawn Youtube-dl to download audio files
  • Album art retrieved directly from MPD (and cached via localStorage)


  • Bundling
  • Range styling
  • Browser testing
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