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Hey!, designers that want to participate on the Help One-Click Ruby Installer to get a New Home! , please feel free to add your own creations here (using textile images). Good luck!



Entry is now closed and voting has started.

Voting has ended Please go here to read about the results

Thuva Tharma

You can see my submission here.

I found out about this contest a little late. I only had time to work on the homepage mockup. I focused most of my energy on organizing the content in the simplest way I could. I hope that the community likes the end result.

Ben Alpert

I designed and implemented a solution in HTML and CSS based on the colors found in the official website. Unlike the other designers, I tried to give my design a very accessible, human feel so that prospective users aren’t scared off by a flashy page that seems to be selling a product. For the same reason, I also tried to keep the page size down so it will fit on smaller monitors. Since I already implemented the web code using the flexible YUI grids system, it renders quite nicely cross-browser (tested in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and IE!), little work will be needed to finalize it and integrate it with Radiant if my design is chosen.

You can view the design on my website (note that both the Get Help and Contribute pages have been written and have content, but the Knowledge Base page includes only placeholder text to illustrate the layout).

Silviu Postavaru

I wrote about the process here

The proposal is a webby generated page(haml + sass) and can be seen here

Francesco Agnoletto

I have uploaded the .jpg preview here

The contents can change, i have made some examples.

Pavel Maček

Hi, I didn’t insert mockup images here on GitHub. I uploaded them on my ftp, hope you don’t mind.

I tried to keep it simple, however visually appealing and well organized in the first place. I paid attention to good typography and information value. The text content is only illustrational.

I did mockup for homepage and for one of the subpages, about page with subnavigation, breadcrumbs (maybe not necessesary for this small web) etc. to show how subpage could look like.

Here you can see, how would the web look like in your browser: browser preview It’s only preview, no coded pages.

I divided web into five sections and each could have own subpages. I include context navigation in footer for quick navigating from bottom of the page.

About the logo: I like it, but I was not sure about the shape of ruby gem. So I tried to make better shape and I also adjusted type little bit. Of course, original logo can be used if decided.

All the icons and illustration (in the header), is my own work. The wooden box with gems and papers (documentation, code …) should show, that RubyInstaller packages all stuff needed for installation of Ruby. I tried to keep these illustrations decent and not glossy.

Design is based on grid, so I can code it real quite using Blueprint CSS Framework in case the design will be selected.

EDIT: I add few words about the design, to explain my intention clearly.

It was fun doing this. I hope you will like it. Kind regards, Pavel.