List of Open Source OPC UA Implementations

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There are some more open source implementations of OPC UA. In different languages and with different licenses. We try to collaborate with them to exchange experiences and ideas.

Name Language License Client/Server Link
open62541 C MPL-2.0 Client and Server
UA.NET Standard C# GPL, RPC for OPC Foundation Members Client and Server
node-opcua JavaScript MIT Client and Server
FreeOpcUa C++ LGPL Client and Server
Python FreeOpcUa Python LGPL Client and Server
OpenOpcUa C++ Cecill-C, source code access costs a one-time fee for non commercial use and a paid support and maintenance for commercial use. Client and Server
OpenScada UA Interface C++ GPL Server
ASNeG C++ Apache Server and Client Git Repository
Eclipse Milo Java Eclipse Public License Stack / Client / Server
opcua4j Java Creative Commons 3.0 BY-SA, depends on redistributable jar-files from the OPC Foundation Server
uaf C++/Python GNU Lesser General Public License Client (wrapper over proprietary sdk)
opc-ua-client C# MIT Client
UACL/CS C# LGPL Client/Server (wrapper over proprietary sdk)
UACL/CPP C++ LGPL Server(wrapper over proprietary sdk)
S2OPC C Apache Client/Server
OPC UA Player Java MIT Server Simulation
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