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🌎 Planet openSUSE

Planet openSUSE is a web feed aggregator that collects blog posts from people who contribute to openSUSE.

Adding your feed

If you want to get your feed added, we prefer Pull Requests via GitHub.

[id]         # replace id with your feed's unique identifier (a-z0-9-_) (eg. open-build-service)
  title    = # title of your feed                                       (eg. Open Build Service)
  feed     = # url to your rss/atom feed                                (eg.
  link     = # link to the main page of your website                    (eg.
  location = # ISO_639 language code (may include ISO 3166 country code)(eg. zh_TW)
  author   = # connect:openSUSE_nickname to contact you                 (eg. connect:obs)
             # some other tags about the author are possible, all added space separated
             #   irc:libera_nickname     (eg. irc:obs)
             #   member
             #   gsoc
  avatar   = # (optional) filename or url of your avatar                (eg. obs.png)
  email    = # (optional) your contact email                            (eg.

Alternatively you can send an email to with all the mandatory information listed above

Development environment

To run this website locally, use the following commands:

bundler install
bundler exec rake build
bundler exec jekyll serve

and visit