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damianb #1286

damianb opened this Issue · 7 comments

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thread removed for abuse

@danielkerr danielkerr closed this
@opencarthelp opencarthelp referenced this issue from a commit in opencart-ce/opencart-ce
@opencarthelp opencarthelp Added PHP-UTF8 license/attribution dfaf2e8
@danielkerr danielkerr changed the title from Opencart illegally stripping license & attribution from reused code to damianb is dumb
@damianb damianb changed the title from damianb is dumb to Opencart illegally stripping license & attribution from reused code
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@eligrey eligrey Replaced GPL with public domain dedication
> [to be-honest i don't care what you do with the code as long as you dont restrict others from using it!](#1286 (comment))
@danielkerr danielkerr changed the title from Opencart illegally stripping license & attribution from reused code to damianb

banning your users? classy.


not my users! they are trolls


While I don't agree with the way @danielkerr handles things on the issue tracker, I find it ironic how so many people are lecturing him about how open source works, when he most likely has the most popular open source project out of anyone who sounded off today. Also people misunderstand the idea behind Open Source - just because a project is open source DOESN'T mean that the creator/owner of the project is soliciting advice from anyone - it simply means the owner/creator is making the software publicly available to other people for use (so for all the people who get butthurt because their pull request wasn't accepted - get out from behind your computer and get a life). The owner still retains the right to manage the code and include or exclude suggested requests at ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON.

It's very arrogant to think that suggestions you make are the "best" way and should always be accepted. Even if they are better, the Opencart project doesn't belong to the online community, it belongs to @danielkerr. No one is forcing anyone to contribute or use the code.

As for all the people who felt the need to jump on @danielkerr about his "stealing" of code, I doubt he was trying to steal anything, after all he doesn't charge for use of opencart - so I don't know what motivation there would be for @danielkerr to "steal code". Also in issue #1183 he requests the right to use code from another developer (mhcwebdesign) because it's good quality code and he was given the right to use it. Also on the Opencart site @danielkerr and his staff do a very good job of making sure when they sell modules via their marketplace that there is NOT violations of the DMCA.

Also @nicholashead people who make comments like @ryangrahamnc did earlier such as

"[Downloads OpenCart, prints out the source code, and then shits all over the paper. Whips buttcrack with the source code]

Your code was rubbing against my butthole."

they are NOT users but what you would call a "troll" - I look at that person and others who made similar comments as losers with too much time on their hands.

After watching these issues today via email, no one really came out looking good, including @damianb (it's not your job to police the world, and if you think it is you need to reevaluate your life) or @danielkerr...




@DS-Matt We all understand that @danielkerr can do what he wants, but as the community, we're unhappy with how the project is being maintained, and how the users are being treated.

Get your act together or get forked.


@christianbundy, your not the community! your a troll!

I already know who the users are they are the long time members that have actually hleped opencart!

you speak for no one except your self!


The issue is closed and has now been dealt with.

Under the advise from Github support I will remove any further comments. Any abusive or 'trolling' comments will be reported over to GitHub to be dealt with.

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