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  1. opendxl-client-python opendxl-client-python Public

    OpenDXL Python Client

    Python 92 38

  2. opendxl-client-java opendxl-client-java Public

    OpenDXL Java Client

    Java 5 9

  3. opendxl-broker opendxl-broker Public

    OpenDXL Broker is an open source version of a Data Exchange Layer (DXL) broker

    C++ 13 14

  4. opendxl-bootstrap-python opendxl-bootstrap-python Public

    Application which generates the structure and related files necessary for developing a Data Exchange Layer (DXL) integration with Python

    Python 12 8

  5. opendxl-console opendxl-console Public

    OpenDXL Console is a high-level web-based console for interacting with a DXL fabric

    JavaScript 11 7

  6. opendxl-environment opendxl-environment Public

    Pre-configured environment that supports the development and running of OpenDXL solutions

    Dockerfile 13 3


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