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Jiva Operator

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OpenEBS Jiva Operator can be used to dynamically provision highly available Kubernetes Persistent Volumes using local (ephemeral) storage available on the Kubernetes nodes.


Jiva Operator helps with managing the lifecycle and operations on Jiva Volumes. Jiva Volumes are highly available block volumes that save the data to local storage available on the Kubernetes nodes. Jiva volumes replicate the volume data to multiple nodes to provide resiliency against node failures.

A Jiva Volume comprises of the following Kubernetes components:

  • Jiva Controller Deployment and an associated Service.
  • Jiva Replica StatefulSet with Hostpath Local PVs for saving the data.
  • JivaVolume CR containing the status of the volume.

We are always happy to list users who run Jiva in production, check out our existing adopters.


K8s Version Jiva Version Project Status
1.18+ 2.6.0+ Beta
1.20+ 2.12.0+ Beta
1.21+ 3.2.0+ Stable


Supported Features

  • Dynamic provisioning
  • Enforced volume size limit
  • Thin provisioned
  • High Availability
  • Access Modes
    • ReadWriteOnce
    • ReadWriteMany (using NFS)
    • ReadOnlyMany
  • Volume modes
    • Filesystem mode
    • Block mode
  • Volume metrics
  • Supports fsTypes: ext4, btrfs, xfs
  • Online expansion: If fs supports it (e.g. ext4, btrfs, xfs)
  • Backup and Restore (using Velero)
  • Supports OS/ARCH: linux/arm64, linux/amd64


OpenEBS welcomes your feedback and contributions in any form possible.

Code of conduct

Please read the community code of conduct here.


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