Governance Overview

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As of May 2016, the OpenHPC project is operating as a Collaborative Project through the Linux Foundation. Overall OpenHPC governance is led by two primary entities outlined as follows:

  1. Governing Board: general responsibilities include budgetary approval and the management of all non-technical business and outreach/communication.
  2. Technical Steering Committee (TSC): general responsibilities include coordination and management of all technical matters for the project, including release management, component selections, and technical community engagement. The TSC has regular meetings open to the general public. Find details here

The TSC includes a variety of roles intended to help organize the work effort and to include representation from development groups and end users. A graphical overview of the current roles that comprise the TSC is highlighted below.

TSC Overview

Current members of the OpenHPC TSC are as follows:

  • Reese Baird, Intel (Maintainer)
  • Pavan Balaji, Argonne National Laboratory (Maintainer)
  • David Brayford, LRZ (Maintainer)
  • Todd Gamblin, Lawrence Livermore National Labs (Maintainer)
  • Craig Gardner, SUSE (Maintainer)
  • Yiannis Georgiou, ATOS (Maintainer)
  • Balazs Gerofi, RIKEN (Component Development Representative)
  • Jennifer Green, Los Alamos National Laboratory (Maintainer)
  • Eric Van Hensbergen, ARM (Maintainer, Testing Coordinator)
  • Douglas Jacobsen, NERSC (End-User/Site Representative)
  • Chulho Kim, Lenovo (Maintainer)
  • Greg Kurtzer, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs (Component Development Representative)
  • Thomas Moschny, ParTec (Maintainer)
  • Karl W. Schulz, Intel (Project Lead, Testing Coordinator)
  • Derek Simmel, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (End-User/Site Representative)
  • Thomas Sterling, Indiana University (Component Development Representative)
  • Craig Stewart, Indiana University (End-User/Site Representative)
  • Scott Suchyta, Altair (Maintainer)
  • Nirmala Sundararajan, Dell (Maintainer)

Linux Foundation Support

  • Jeff ErnstFriedman (OpenHPC Program Manager)