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Community building blocks for HPC systems


This stack provides a variety of common, pre-built ingredients required to deploy and manage an HPC Linux cluster including provisioning tools, resource management, I/O clients, runtimes, development tools, containers, and a variety of scientific libraries.

There are currently two release series: 1.3.x and 2.x, which target different major Linux OS distributions. The 1.3.x series targets CentOS7 and SLES12 while the 2.x series targets CentOS8 and Leap15.

Getting started

OpenHPC provides pre-built binaries via repositories for use with standard Linux package manager tools (e.g. yum or zypper). To get started, you can enable an OpenHPC repository locally through installation of an ohpc-release RPM which includes gpg keys for package signing and defines the URL locations for [base] and [update] package repositories. Installation guides tailored for each supported provisioning system and resource manager with detailed example instructions for installaing a cluster are also available. Copies of the ohpc-release package and installation guides along with more information is available on the relevant release series pages (1.3.x or 2.x).

Questions, Comments, or Bug Reports?

Subscribe to the users email list at or see the page for more pointers.

Additional Software Requests?

Please see the component submission page at for more information regarding new software inclusion requests.

Register your system

If you are using elements of OpenHPC, please consider registering your system(s) using the System Registration Form.

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