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OpenKruise (official site: is a CNCF(Cloud Native Computing Foundation) incubating project. It consists of several controllers which extend and complement the Kubernetes core controllers for workload and application management.

Key Features

Quick Start

You can view the full documentation from the OpenKruise website.


Registration: Who is using Kruise

  • Alibaba Group, Ant Group, DouyuTV, Sto, Boss直聘
  • hangyinxiaofei, vanyitech, Dmall, Bringg, 佐疆科技
  • Lyft, Ctrip, 享住智慧, VIPKID, zhangmen
  • xiaohongshu, bixin, 永辉科技中心, 跟谁学, 哈啰出行
  • Spectro Cloud, ihomefnt, Arkane Systems, Deepexi, 火花思维
  • OPPO,, joyy, Mobvista, 深圳凤凰木网络有限公司
  • xiaomi, Netease, MeiTuan Finance, Shopee, Esign
  • LinkedIn, 雪球, 兴盛优选, Wholee, LilithGames, Baidu
  • Bilibili, 冠赢互娱, MeiTuan, 同城


You are warmly welcome to hack on Kruise. We have prepared a detailed guide


Active communication channels:

  • Slack: OpenKruise channel (English)
  • DingTalk:Search GroupID 23330762 (Chinese)
  • WeChat: Search User openkruise and let the robot invite you (Chinese)
  • Bi-weekly Community Meeting (APAC, Chinese):
    • Thursday 19:30 GMT+8 (Asia/Shanghai), Calendar
    • Join Meeting(DingTalk): Search GroupID 23330762 (Chinese)
    • Notes and agenda
  • Bi-weekly Community Meeting (English): TODO


Kruise is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for the full license text.