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(Repository in construction)

Repository made for the SCHC Hackathon (IETF 103, Bangkok - follow-up of IETF 102, Montreal).


How to "install": you first need to decide on your <git-place> i.e. the location of the GitHub repository you are going to work on.

  • Either use your own GitHub acccount. For this:
    • fork openschc/schc-hackathon into your GitHub account.
    • fork openschc/openschc into your GitHub account.
    • in the instructions below, replace <git-place> with your GitHub account name.
    • the branch used is hackathon103.
  • or do nothing and replace <git-place> with openschc below (faster, but later, you will probably need to manually set up remotes to push your changes to your own GitHub repo)


  • Clone schc-hackathon (branch hackathon103):
    • git clone<git-place>/schc-hackathon -b hackathon103
  • cd schc-hackathon && make GITPLACE=<git-place>
    • -> this will automatically clone micropython (Linux/MacOS version)
    • -> this will automatically set git add remote osc in schc-hackathon and openschc


  • make test-upy

    • -> runs micropython with
    • When it works, it just prints one string
    • on a Mac, you may get an error 'ffi.h' not being found. In this case, a hack is to install libffi manually, then do 'export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/Cellar/libffi/3.2.1/lib/pkgconfig' and try again :-)
  • make test-oschc

    • -> runs micropython with openschc/src/ (that's openschc)
    • (need to write entirely the code for openschc first)
  • make test-schc-test-recv

    • -> runs micropython with "old/ recv" (that's schc-test)
    • This creates a receiver for fragments
    • (not working for now, needs to be updated due to repository changes)
  • make test-schc-test-send

    • -> runs micropython with "old/ send" (that's schc-test)
    • This creates a sender for fragments which sends a large packet
    • (not working for now, needs to be updated due to repository changes)

Directory tree

schc-hackathon this meta-repository
schc-hackathon/openschc where openschc is straighforwardly cloned
schc-hackathon/micropython where micropython is straighforwardly cloned
schc-hackathon/openschc/src where code for the "new" openschc will be put
schc-hackathon/openschc/src/schctest where there is a full copy of the last version of schc-test before hackathon103 with submodules

Merge forks

git remote add osc
git fetch osc
git branch
git merge osc/hackathon103