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Southpark Cable Co. President

This is the start page of the wiki for the SEANetMap project, a collaboration between M-Lab and Open Seattle. SEANetMap is web-based technology for communal situational awareness of the local broadband environment. Individuals run network performance tests, the City of Seattle collects the crowd-sourced network test data, and provides reports on the quality of broadband service throughout the city, while protecting individuals privacy.


The latest release of the code, as deployed by the City of Seattle, is live at

(Note that the domain name has no official connotations associated with it. It is simply a domain at which to demo the code.)

Communication channels

The main communication channels at this time are:


The main goal at this time is to bang out a Seattle specific site. Yet it is very clearly a longer term goal to have a codebase which can easily be deployed by other localities. This Seattle site will be useful for Seattle, but might best be viewed as the version 1.0 "one for the pan" as we warm up and learn what reusable code will look like and what feature it will have.


The code is live at http://broadband together


  • get CI/CD going for automatic deploys of the code


  • M-Lab's Leaflet-base, animatable report is working
  • Angular is be adopted for the next round of front-end
  • Backend now based on M-Lab's new Piecewise
  • Brett Miller's work needs to be integrated
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