Performance monitoring and testing of OpenStack
Python Shell
Latest commit d1a617f Feb 25, 2017 @jkilpatr jkilpatr Update introspection pinning for oooq CI to use JQ based script
See here for more details

The reason the old pin isn't working is that --bootstrap in quickstart
doesn't work like it should and force the reinstallation of the virtualenv
so we carry over the prep internal script that now uses extras itself.

Change-Id: I5479738565017941df71313f10816f2c9a4debea



Browbeat is a performance tuning and analysis tool for OpenStack. Browbeat is free, Open Source software.

  • Analyze and tune your Cloud for optimal performance.
  • Create Rally workloads for performance and scale testing.
  • Automate deployment of common data analysis tools.


Browbeat documentation is available at