Version 3.0.0

@morinted morinted released this Apr 30, 2016

Plover has its first stable release in over 2 years today.

So much work and love went into this, and we're looking forward to much more frequent releases in the future. Read on below for changes, fun facts, install instructions, and download links.

Plover version 3.0.0

  • New icon
  • Full unicode support across Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X
  • Updated homepage


  • Suggestions window training tool, shows alternate ways to write a word or phrase
  • Lookup window, invoke with {PLOVER:LOOKUP}
  • Dictionary Editor
  • Translation window has a configurable transparency
  • In Stroke Display, user can save and clear strokes



  • Remap keyboard keys that correspond to steno, also add to list of suppressed keys to prevent accidental key presses


  • Space placement before or after written words
  • First stroke after startup can be capitalized and without space
  • Configure Plover's buffer "memory"

Translation Control

Text formatting:

  • Capitalize next letter {-|}
  • Capitalize first letter of last word: {*-|}
  • Attach / delete space {^}, {^word}, {word^}
  • Carry capitalization {~|x}, where x is a character or symbol, with attach: {^~|x}, {~|x^}, {^~|x^}
    • {-|}{~|'^}em'Em
    • {-|}'em'em
  • Force lowercase next letter {>}
  • Lowercase first letter of last word: {*>}
  • Repeat last stroke {*+}
  • CAPS next word {<}
  • CAPS last word {*<}
  • Toggle asterisk in last stroke {*}
  • Separate last two strokes {*?}
  • Remove space between last two strokes {*!}
  • Format currency on number {*($c)}, {*(€c)}, {*(£c)}, {*(c USD)}
    • 1234{*($c)}$1,234

Output Modes

  • Reset to default: {MODE:RESET}
  • Title Case: {MODE:TITLE}
  • lower case: {MODE:LOWER}
  • Snake_case: {MODE:SNAKE}
  • camelCase: {MODE:CAMEL}
  • Custom modes:
    • Change-space-character: {MODE:SET_SPACE:-}
    • Or eliminate spaces: {MODE:SET_SPACE:}
    • You can logically combine the above: {MODE:SNAKE}{MODE:CAPS}

Sample dictionary:

 "KA*PS": "{MODE:CAPS}",
 "T-LT": "{MODE:TITLE}",
 "HR*R": "{MODE:LOWER}",
 "R-FT": "{MODE:RESET}",

Media Key Support

Control volume and media playback

  • Windows
    • AudioRaiseVolume
    • AudioLowerVolume
    • AudioMute
    • AudioNext
    • AudioPrev
    • AudioStop
    • AudioPlay / AudioPause (Toggles)
    • Standby
    • Browser commands:
      • Back
      • Forward
      • Refresh
      • Stop
      • Search
      • Favorites
      • HomePage / WWW
    • MyComputer*
    • Calculator*
    • Mail*
    • *Sometimes won't work
  • Mac OS X
    • AudioRaiseVolume
    • AudioLowerVolume
    • AudioMute
    • AudioNext
    • AudioPrev
    • AudioStop
    • AudioPlay / AudioPause (Toggles)
    • Eject
    • MonBrightnessUp
    • MonBrightnessDown
    • KbdBrightnessUp
    • KbdBrightnessDown
  • Linux
    • All of the above, plus whatever is in your XF86keysym.h You can optionally include the XF86_ prefix

Sample strokes:

"SR*UP": "{#AudioRaiseVolume}",
"SR*D": "{#AudioLowerVolume}",
"PHAO*UT": "{#AudioMute}",
"TPH*EGT": "{#AudioNext}",
"PR*EF": "{#AudioPrev}"

Dictionary Updates

  • Plover ships with 3 default dictionaries:
    • main.json: Plover's StenEd-Mirabai-extended modern dictionary
    • commands.json: Commands, like arrow keys, copy & paste, and line returns
    • user.json: Blank dictionary that newly entered strokes will be added to
  • Many new strokes were added to main.json to since v2.5.8, medical terms, modern words, tech words, animals, and misstrokes. Many invalid entries were also pruned.


  • All platforms suppress keyboard input when using it as a steno machine
  • Plover doesn't get lost off screen on startup
  • Mac OS X runs with retina support
  • Windows and Mac OS X compatibility across programs and websites was increased

Special Thanks

  • Thanks to our developer emeritus, @balshetzer
  • @mighele for the dictionary editor, retrospective strokes, spaces-after output
  • @balthamos for the suggestions window
  • @rbrewer123 for fixes
  • @jeremy-w for translation transparency, documentation,, PR & issue templates
  • @Avalai for the new Plover icon and help with the homepage layout
  • @benoit-pierre for doing so much work to make Plover better at its core, countless bug fixes, internal refactoring, new features, and great code reviews, literally hundreds of commits!
  • ...and all the other developers and users who submitted PRs and took part in issue discussion
  • @stenoknight for making steno free for everyone

Fun Facts

The last release, Plover v2.5.8:

  • Was released over 840 days ago
  • Was downloaded over 23,000 times

This release:

  • Adds 578 commits
  • Has received help from over 20 contributors

Download & Install


Download and run the .exe below.

Mac OS X

Download the .dmg file, drag Plover to your Applications folder, then go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility > "+" Button > Select Applications/Plover. Now, run Plover.



See Benoit Pierre's Plover PPA


Use AUR packages plover and plover-git


You can pip install the wheel file. You can chmod +x the egg if you have all dependencies installed. Additional instructions for various repos can be found in the Linux README