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Select a version

Unsure which version to download? You have a few options, depending on your needs:

  • Stable

    Most of the time, you'll want the latest stable version.

  • Weekly

    If you are adventurous and want access to the latest and greatest features and developments, check out the weekly releases.

  • Source

    If you are a developer and want to build from source, there are OS-specific guides for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Follow those guides to get your environments setup and run or build the source.


Each release has files for all the operating systems we support. You only need the files that are relevant to your operating system

Install Plover on Windows

  1. Download the .exe file from the release page.
  • You can place the file anywhere on your computer. You will run it from the same location every time.
  1. Open the file to launch Plover.

Install Plover on Mac

If you have Homebrew Cask installed on your system, you can run brew cask install plover at the command-line. Otherwise:

  1. Download the .dmg file from the release page.
  2. Open the .dmg file.
  3. In the mounted disk, drag the to your Applications folder.
  4. Open System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility.
  5. Click the "+" Button, and go to your applications and select

Plover is set up! You can run Plover like you would any other application.

Note: Other "keyboard helper"-type applications (e.g. Karabiner Elements and text expanders) may interfere with Plover.

Install Plover on Linux

Install Plover on Arch Linux distribution

Two AUR packages are provided:

  1. plover for the latest stable release
  2. and plover-git for the current master

You may need to add yourself to the group "uucp" (owner of /dev/ttyACM*).

Install Plover on Ubuntu Linux distribution

Stable releases can be installed from a dedicated PPA, see ppa:benoit.pierre/plover for instructions.

For weeklies, follow the directions for installing Plover on other Linux distributions.

Install Plover on other Linux distributions

An AppImage is provided: it includes all the necessary dependencies and should run on most x86 64-bits distributions. To use it:

  • download it
  • add the user to the group "dialout"
  • after adding the group, logout and login again for the change to take effect
  • make it executable
  • launch it like a standard executable

Note: you can install the AppImage for your current user (and register Plover in your standard applications menu) by executing it with the --install flag. If you had previously installed another AppImage version of Plover, it will be automatically uninstalled and replaced.

Setting up my machine

Initially, Plover is set up to use your computer keyboard as a steno machine. If you have a steno machine, you'll need to configure Plover to look for your machine. Please check the Supported Hardware page to find instructions specific to your machine.

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