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app Add extra tests for API and redaction controllers
config Yet more tests...
db Force coordinates into bounds when using the query tool
lib Use Faraday in place of Net::HTTP so we can mock responses
public Remove redundant robot rules
script Standardise on double quoted strings
test Load API fixture for the search controller tests
vendor Remove empty locales from iD
.coveralls.yml Add Coveralls support
.gitignore Changeset discussions
.mailmap Update mailmap
.rubocop.yml Add rails cops to rubocop todo
.rubocop_todo.yml Test changeset and note comment notification emails
.travis.yml Enable bundle caching in travis Link to Phusion Passenger docs for production Improve installation documentation and add contributor instructions
Gemfile Use Faraday in place of Net::HTTP so we can mock responses
Gemfile.lock Use Faraday in place of Net::HTTP so we can mock responses The rubygem is called bundler not bundle
LICENSE Add GPLv2 license file and mention in README Add Coveralls support
Rakefile Standardise on double quoted strings Add some additional information to help people starting out on the pr…
Vagrantfile Standardise on "hash rocket" style for hashes
Vendorfile Merge remote-tracking branch 'systemed/routing' Update to rails 4.2.0

"The Rails Port"

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This is The Rails Port, the Ruby on Rails application that powers the OpenStreetMap website and API. The software is also known as "openstreetmap-website".

This repository consists of:

  • The web site, including user accounts, diary entries, user-to-user messaging
  • The XML-based editing API
  • The integrated versions of the Potlatch, Potlatch 2 and iD editors
  • The Browse pages - a web front-end to the OpenStreetMap data
  • The GPX uploads, browsing and API.

A fully-functional Rails Port installation depends on other services, including map tile servers and geocoding services, that are provided by other software. The default installation uses publicly-available services to help with development and testing.


This software is licensed under the GNU General Public License 2.0, a copy of which can be found in the LICENSE file.


The Rails Port is a Ruby on Rails application that uses PostgreSQL as its database, and has a large number of dependencies for installation. For full details please see


We're always keen to have more developers! Pull requests are very welcome.

  • Bugs are recorded in the issue tracker.
  • Some bug reports are also found on the OpenStreetMap trac system, in the "website" and "api" components
  • Translation is managed by Translatewiki
  • There is a mailing list for development discussion.
  • IRC - there is the #osm-dev channel on
  • There are also weekly meetings of the OpenStreetMap Foundation Engineering Working Group (EWG) on Mondays at 1700 UTC on the #osm-ewg channel.

More details on contributing to the code are in the file.

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