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Open Source TOSCA Ecosystem


  1. Docker Compose for running OpenTOSCA

    Dockerfile 26 16

  2. Example applications modeled in TOSCA which can be provisioned using a standard-compliant engine, such as the OpenTOSCA Container.

    Shell 1

  3. This repo contains a set of common type definitions such as VMs, cloud providers, and runtimes.

    Java 1 1

  4. winery Public

    Forked from eclipse/winery

    A web-based environment to graphically model TOSCA topologies.

    Java 16 9

  5. container Public

    OpenTOSCA Container - TOSCA Runtime

    Java 51 28

  6. OpenTOSCA Vintner is a TOSCA preprocessing and management layer which is able to deploy applications based on TOSCA orchestrator plugins. Preprocessing includes, e.g., the resolving of variability.

    TypeScript 2


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