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FlySky FS i6 Development

Max Paperno edited this page Mar 24, 2017 · 1 revision

This is a developers guide to the FlySky FS-i6. As of this writing, porting has just begun.

The FS-i6 is a prime candiate for OpenTX as the hardware is inexpensive and relatively good quality. Porting is made easier by the generous inclusion of test pads (with labels!) on the PCB and a populated SWD port.

Original Binaries

Here is the binary that was included with my radio, restore to binary format for flashing with xxd -r fsi6.bin.xxd > fs6.bin:


Pin Mapping

There are high resolution images of the board here: has already done the work of mapping all the pins:

I have started working on the pin mappings here:

Please feel free to comment or improve.


I have created this repo as a testbed for porting. I will get features working in isolation then integrate the OpenTX code.

As of the first commit, if installed in your radio, the LCD backlight should blink.

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