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Mix in functions from other modules

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-export([doit/0, doit/1, doit/2]).

doit() ->

doit(A) ->
    [doit, A].

doit(A, B) ->
    [doit, A, B].

Module bar.erl which 'mixes in' foo:


or only specific functions from foo:

-mixin([{foo, [doit/0, doit/2]}]).

Another version of bar.erl which mixes in all functions from foo and select functions from baz:

-mixin([foo, {baz, [doit/0, doit/1]}]).

One more version of bar.erl which mixes in foo:doit/0 and renames it to do_it_now/0:

-mixin([{foo, doit/0, do_it_now}]).

The original motivation for this parse transform was to permit reuse of functions implementing common logic for tasks such as signature verification and authorization across multiple webmachine resources.

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