A simple, secure, and scalable PHP application framework
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Opulence is a PHP web application framework that simplifies the difficult parts of creating and maintaining a secure, scalable website. With Opulence, things like database management, caching, ORM, page templates, and routing are a cinch. It was written with customization, performance, and best-practices in mind. Thanks to test-driven development (TDD), the framework is reliable and thoroughly tested. Opulence is split into components, which can be installed separately or bundled together.


Opulence can be installed using Composer:

composer create-project opulence/project --prefer-dist


For complete documentation, visit the official website.


  • PHP 7.1
  • OpenSSL
  • mbstring


This software is licensed under the MIT license. Please read the LICENSE for more information.


Opulence was written by David Young.