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My Database is in partial-mode schema.

When I query accidentally like this

UPDATE class_name set following.rid = "Hello"

It created a property in my class now "following.rid"(which is supposedly not and should return an error since that property name is not valid).

Now I want to drop this property because it is so annoying.

But as expected it returns an error since first of all following.rid is not a valid property.

This is my DROP property syntax:

DROP PROPERTY class_name.following.rid


Error: com.orientechnologies.orient.core.sql.OCommandSQLParsingException: Error on parsing command at position #39: Expected .. Use DROP PROPERTY .
Command: DROP PROPERTY class_name.following.rid

Can you please check this one? thanks.

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luigidellaquila commented Mar 11, 2016

This is an old issue, it is not valid anymore in current release.


  • the UPDATE does not create a property in the schema, it just inserts data.
  • that statement does not create a property called "following.rid", it creates a "rid" property in the "following"
  • in v 2.2 you can use back-tick quoting to support dots in property names, eg.
UPDATE class_name set `following.rid` = "Hello"
CREATE PROPERTY class_name.`following.rid`
DROP PROPERTY class_name.`following.rid`




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