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Fix a certain USB wakeup issue on OSX
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On systems without a working Embedded Controller, waking up from a USB device might not wake up the display. A second key-press or mouse click is required to wake up the display. This extension is a workaround for that issue by creating a fake ACPI device with the right wakeup params.

Shared GPE

If multiple devices share a single GPE, then they will ALL cause display wakeup with this workaround installed. This is an unfortunate side-effect. If you have a Ethernet controller with WoL enabled and it happens to be the same GPE as your USB controller, then WoL will now wake the display.


Check here for a more detailed technical writeup on how this works. You should only use this if injecting acpi-wake-type on XHCI does not work due to the Intel PCH bug. Please see this issue for more information.


  1. Build and install SSDT-USBW.dsl into your bootloader DSDT injection. You may need to modify it to point to your XHC device.
  2. Install the kext.
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