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easy-notion-blog is a starter-kit for Notion Blog. It helps you to start your Notion Blog easily and rapidly.
  • 🚀 Quite fast page loading
  • 📝 Can write a blog on your Notion
  • 🛠️ Can fully customize the site's appearance
  • ✅ Using official Notion APIs

Please consider astro-notion-blog as it is being developed well.


📸 Blog side

📸 Notion side

Quick Start



  1. Star this repo 😉
    • It makes me motivative!
  2. Duplicate the template into your Notion.
  3. Note the part of URL<HERE>?v=xxxx as DATABASE_ID
    • ex) 158bd90116004cd19aca26ad88cb5c07
    • ⚠️ CAUTION: ?v=NOT_THIS_VALUE. Use ahead strings.
  4. Create an integration and note "Internal Integration Token" as NOTION_API_SECRET
  5. Share a database with your integration at the Notion database page
  6. Go to and log-in
  7. Create new project by importing this repository otoyo/easy-notion-blog (Skip creating a team)
  8. In "Configure Project", open "Environment Variables" settings and set NOTION_API_SECRET and DATABASE_ID
  9. Your Notion Blog will be published after deploy

See also users' sites from wiki.

How to customize

Additional requirements


  1. Fork this repo from "Fork" button and clone it into your local workspace.
  2. Set the following environment variables with direnv in the project root.
direnv edit .
  1. Install dependencies and start local server.
yarn install
yarn dev

In the development environment, non-published posts are also displayed to check their appearance.
But posts without valid Slug won't be displayed.

  1. Open http://localhost:3000 in your browser.
  2. Press Ctrl+C in the terminal to stop.

For more information

See wiki.

Bug reports & feature requests

Please create an issue. Both in English and in Japanese are OK. 😉

🐦 Twitter community

You can get latest information about updates, and you can be supported by other members if you want to know how to customize.


Pull requests are welcome.

easy-notion-blog is based on ijjk/notion-blog and otoyo/notion-blog