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Yet another implementation of Makefile concept in go. Advantages over all the other available packages:

  • go only, except really small bash script
  • no magic command discovery based on go source code, you explicitly declare paths and functions for your commands
  • bash autocompletion supported
  • command functions are executed using IoC container so they may receive any interfaces required to do the job


Take a look at example/main.go


This build system is written in pure go so you have to compile it using go build before first usage. Take a look at the script I use in my setup.

I configure this script using alias feature delivered by bash in my ~/.bashrc:

alias projname="outofforest-build <path-to-project>"

outofforest-build is this script. Each release delivers rpm package for compatible distros, installing it in your system.

Then I may call:

$ projname <command> <command>

to execute commands.


build supports autocompletion natively. To use it add this line to your ~/.bashrc:

complete -o nospace -C projname projname

assuming you defined projname alias specified above.

Executing commands

Commands are organised in paths similar to the one in normal filesystem. Some examples how commands may be structured:

projname tools/apiClient
projname deploy/db
projname tests/backend/web-server
projname lint

You may specify many commands at once:

projname tests deploy

They are executed in specified order. This will save some time if both commands execute same dependencies.


Every command may specify dependencies - other commands which have to finish before the actual one may continue. It allows you to move some code common to many commands to another function.

If many commands require the same dependency, it is executed once.

Dependencies are executed one by one in order.

If circular dependency is detected error is raised.

Other features

List of commands


$ projname @

to print available commands with their descriptions.

Verbose logging

If you want to see more logs during command execution, use -v or --verbose:

$ projname <command> -v


build always breaks on first failure.