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🌑 mars hover simulation algorithm for articulation and movement.
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M.A.R.S - A simple Hover Path Finder implementation Algorithm.

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This is a small REST micro service to simulate a Hover movement control in Mars. This project was made using the following technologies:

  • JEE 8
  • Spring Boot 2.0
  • jUnit Jupiter
  • REST
  • TDD
  • And other minor specifications.

The project it's following the IETF RFC 2616.


You can clone this repository, or download the latest binaries.

From Source

Note.: You need Java SDK 1.8 or higher.

Building from the Source it's easy by using the Gradle Wrapper.

gradlew build

From Binaries

Note.: You need Java Runtime Environment 1.8 or higher.

java -jar mars-VERSION.jar

Testing & Running


This application contains Integration and Unit Tests for each Useful Domain and Controller.

Note.: We're using the Functional Programming paradigm for the Integration Tests, that means, we're not running a contained web server.

gradlew test

Running the Application

You can just follow what explained on From Binaries or run the following Gradle command:

gradlew bootRun


Building a Docker Image

You can deploy a Docker Image from this project by running

gradlew prepareDockerImage

docker build -t vendor/name build/docker

Coverage Reports

Coverage Reports are automatically generated in XML and HTML format after the build or the test commands.


You can easily contribute to this project, just follow our Contributing Guidelines


This software followsthe MIT License, and was made for the test and development purpose for the applying of ContaAzul as Software Engineer.

Feel free to edit, update and do whatever you want.

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