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ownCloud Web

With ownCloud Web you can manage your ownCloud in your browser.

Screenshot of ownCloud Web

ownCloud Web is a single page, standalone frontend, based on modern web technologies. It brings new features as well as improved user flows and can be deployed independent of the backend server.


Usage of Web UI and ownCloud 10 as backend is not recommended starting with version 7.1.0 of the Web UI, meaning newer versions only support ownCloud Infinite Scale. If you want to use the Web UI with ownCloud 10, please use App version 7.0.2. Critical bugs can be fixed upon request.


Here are some examples of what you can do with ownCloud Web:

  • 🗂 Files: Upload, download, search and manage files (as you may know it for example from Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive etc.).
  • 👥 Share: Allow fine-grained access to files and whole folders directly with other users on your ownCloud.
  • 🔗 Links: Create links and share them with anyone in the world - optional password-protection available.
  • 📝 Write: Edit your documents with the editor of your choice like ONLYOFFICE, Collabora or Microsoft Word and more.
  • 🤝 Collaborate in real-time on documents.
  • 🚀 Spaces: You have to manage important projects? Let Spaces, the new special folders, keep order.
  • ◀️ Versioning Saved the wrong version? We have the time machine you were looking for! Easily go back in time and restore older versions of your files.
  • 📥 Drop-folders: Collect files from other people in one folder via a simple link, ex. homework from pupils or photos from your family - optional password-protection available.
  • 🔒 Privacy first: ownCloud Web is GDPR compliant and can both be used completely internally or together with external people. It also will never "phone home".
  • 🛡 Secure: ownCloud Web is an open source project which means that you can track every action, update and dependency of the software.
  • Inclusive: Our goal is to be accessible for kids as well as seniors and for newbies as well as experts - since we are all affected by physical and cognitive limitations, depending on our personal situation.
  • 🧩 Extensible: ownCloud Web is build as a plattform that can be extended in the most developer friendly way.
  • 🌗 Darkmode: Initialized with your browser settings, and easily switched to please your eyes better.
  • 🎭 Themes: Customize to your branding needs or personal taste in no time.
  • 👉 and many more...

While the web frontend provides a performant, elegant, accessible and themeable base, it also aims to be extendable with custom extensions provided by external developers.

Live Demos

Repository structure

The backbone of this project is built by the following parts of the packages:

  • client: Generated TypeScript client for communications with the ownCloud Infinite Scale graph API
  • container: Static assets and rarely changing base files
  • pkg: Shared logic for various places inside the codebase
  • runtime: Central place of (user) authentication, provisioning of the user interface layout, client side storage, routing, theming, dependencies and (sub)application handling

The repository's packages also contains the following apps, which can be en-/disabled via the config.json:

  • draw-io: An extension for creating, opening and editing .draw files
  • external: An extension for creating, opening and editing files using the WOPI server
  • files: The default extension and core part of the project, responsible for file sync-and-share - up- and downloading, sharing with other users/groups or via links, version management and more
  • pdf-viewer: An extension for opening PDF files without leaving the UI
  • preview: An extension for opening audio, video and image files
  • search: An extension for registering search providers, which then get rendered into the layout in the runtime using a portal
  • text-editor: An extension for creating, opening and editing plain text files, like e.g. .md or .txt
  • user-management: An extension for basic user and group management by the admin. Only works with the Infinite Scale platform, as it uses the graph API.


We currently publish a new release every couple of weeks, strictly following semver. Releases and their corresponding changelogs can be found on the release page on GitHub.


The documentation is an important part of this project and can be found on If you want to contribute to the documentation you can find the source files in the docs folder of this repository.


Contribution in the form of bug reports, user feedback or actual code is always welcome! We do have a contribution guide, actively use the good-first-issue label and try to feedback on issues and pull requests in a timely manner. There is also a setup guide for building and running web locally.


We assert the quality of this project by running an automated CI, while a guide on running the tests locally can be found in the testing documentation.


At ownCloud, we are always looking for new additions to our team. You are welcome to take a look at our open positions.


GNU Affero General Public License - Details