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WAF Bypasser module

It assists the penetration testers to diagnose WAF rules and bypass WAFs.

Run examples

  • Fuzzing using simple content placeholders. The response will be detected if the responce code is in range 300-599 or 100.
python -t '' --mode fuzz -pl payloadlist.txt -rcd '300-599,100'
  • Fuzzing using simple content placeholders by adding cookies and post data

This example is fuzzing url using a payload list loaded from file, some post data, headers and a cookie. The response will be detected if contains the string 'permission'.

python -t '' --mode fuzz -pl payloadlist.txt -X POST --contains' "permission" -H "Host: localhost" "Accept: */*" -d "var=1234" --cookie "name=tester"
  • Same example as above but fuzzing headers
python -t '' --mode fuzz -pl payloadlist.txt -X POST --contains' "permission" -H "Host: @@@fuzzhere@@@" "Accept: */*" -d "var=1234" --cookie "name=tester"
  • Same as above but reversing the detection functions (Negative testing).
python -t '' --mode fuzz -pl payloadlist.txt -X POST --contains' "permission" -H "Host: @@@fuzzhere@@@" "Accept: */*" -d "var=1234" --cookie "name=tester" -r
  • Testing usings CoNTains case_senvitice text
python -t '' --mode fuzz -pl payloadlist.txt -X POST --contains' "permission" cs -H "Host: @@@fuzzhere@@@" "Accept: */*" -d "var=1234" --cookie "name=tester" -r
  • Finding the fuzzing placeholder allowed length. The 'A' value is a white-listed character.
python -t -cnt "long" --accepted_value A -m length
  • HTTP Parameter Pollution

ASP mode:
This mode is splitting the payload at the comma ',' character and it is sending it to a different variable

python -t -pl ./Backups/hpp.txt --contains 'whatever' --param_name xss --param_source URL  -m asp_hpp
  • Detecting Allowed sources
python -t --contains 'whatever' --detect_allowed_sources --accepted_method GET --param_name xss --accepted_param_value test --param_source URL
  • Fuzzing using templates and transforming payloads

The transformation functions are defined in the

python -t '' -pl xss2.txt -rcd '200-599,100' --data "xss=@@@<reverse><payload/></reverse>@@@" -m fuzz
python -t -rcd '200-599,100' --data "xss=@@@<utf8>Hello</utf8>@@@" -m fuzz
  • Testing for anomalies and bypasses by changing the Content-Type.
python -t --mode content_type_tamper
  • Overchar testing. Sending the payload after a stream with valid characters.
python -t '' -rcd 403 -X GET --headers "Accept: */*" "Host: localhost" -m overchar -pl ./Backups/xss.txt --accepted_value 1 --length 8196