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simple, customizable macOS application icons.


Dusk icons can be used from the command line, via the Dusk website, or as React components (dusk-react).

CLI npm version

Install the command line tool using npm:

$ [sudo] npm install -g dusk-icons

Then run dusk-icons from the command line. Enter a list of comma separated icons.


For info on how to contribute to Dusk, please see the contribution guidelines.


Dusk Customized Dock Example Dusk Customized Dock Example 2


  • LiteIcon: app which allows you to change your system icons.
  • Feather: Simple, beautiful open source icons.


Application Icon Name Alternates
1Password 1password
Ableton ableton
Activity Monitor activity_monitor
Adobe After Effects after_effects
Adobe Illustrator illustrator
Adobe InDesign indesign
Adobe Lightroom lightroom
Adobe Photoshop photoshop
Adobe Premiere Pro premiere_pro
Adobe Xd adobe_xd
Affinity affinity affinity_designer, affinity_photo, affinity_publisher
Anki anki
App Store app_store
Atom atom
Bear bear
Books books
Brave Browser brave
Calculator calculator
Calendar calendar
Camera camera
Chess chess
Console console
Contacts contacts
Dashboard dashboard
Dictionary dictionary
Discord discord
Dotgrid dotgrid
Dropbox dropbox
Eagle eagle
Electron electron
Enpass enpass
Facebook Messenger messenger
Facetime facetime
Figma figma
Finder finder finder2, finder3
Firefox firefox
Font Book font_book
Framer framer
Franz franz
Git branch
Git Fork fork
GitHub Desktop github_desktop
Google Chrome chrome chrome2
Hyper hyper hyper3
iMovie imovie
IntelliJ intellij
iTerm2 iterm2
iTunes itunes
Launchpad launchpad
Left left
Mail mail
Maps maps
Messages messages
Microsoft Teams teams
MongoDB Compass mongodb
News news
Notes notes
Notion notion
Numbers numbers
OBS obs
Pages pages
Photos photos
PocketCast pocketcast
Postman postman
Preview preview
Quicktime Player quicktime
Quip quip
Reminders reminders
Safari safari
Sequel Pro sequel_pro
Simulator simulator
Sketch sketch
Skype skype
Slack slack slack2
SnippetsLab snippetslab
Spark spark
Spotify spotify
Steam steam
System Preferences system_preferences
TablePlus tableplus
Telegram telegram
Terminal terminal
Ticktick ticktick
Tidal tidal
Todoist todoist
Transmit transmit
Trash trash
Trello trello
Vivaldi vivaldi
VLC vlc
VSCode vscode
Wechat wechat
Whatsapp whatsapp
Xcode xcode
Zoom zoom


simple, customizable macOS application icons







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