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A modern, open source password manager for individuals and teams.
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Simple, secure password and data management for individuals and teams (formerly known as Padlock).

This repo is split into multiple packages:

@padloc/core Core Logic
@padloc/app Web Client
@padloc/server Backend Server

Get Started

git clone
cd padlock
npm install


npm run build

Runs npm run build in all packages.


npm start

Runs npm start in all packages. This will:


npm run dev

This will start compilers for all packages in watch mode, start the node.js server and host the web app.


The node.js server and build commands are configured via environment variables:

Environment Variable Description
PL_SERVER_PORT Which port to start the backend server on
PL_SERVER_URL URL the server will be available at. This will be used by the client for api requests
PL_CLIENT_PORT Which port to host the client app at
PL_CLIENT_URL URL of the client app. This will be used by the server to generate deep links.
PL_EMAIL_USER SMTP user for sending emails.
PL_EMAIL_SERVER SMTP server for sending emails
PL_EMAIL_PORT SMTP port for sending emails
PL_EMAIL_PASSWORD SMTP password for sending email
PL_DB_PATH Database path used by backend server
PL_REPORT_ERRORS Email address used for reporting unexpected errors in the backend.


For an security design overview, check out this document.

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