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Simple, secure password and data management for individuals and teams (formerly known as Padlock).

This repo is split into multiple packages:

Package Name Description
@padloc/core Core Logic
@padloc/app Web-based UI components
@padloc/server The Backend Server
@padloc/pwa The Web Client, a Progressive Web App built on top of the @padloc/app package
@padloc/locale Package containing translations and other localization-related things
@padloc/electron The Desktop App, built with Electron
@padloc/cordova Cordova project for building iOS and Android app.
@padloc/tauri (experimental) Cross-platform native app builder for Padloc, powered by Tauri

Getting Started

Step 0: Install Prerequisites

You'll need

Step 1: Clone the Repo

git clone
cd padloc

Step 2: Install Dependencies

npm install

Step 3: Start Server and Web Client

PL_DATA_DIR=~/padloc-data \
PL_PWA_PORT=8080 \
npm run start

For more configuration options, see Configuration


Command Description
npm start Starts both backend server and web client.
npm run server:start Starts only backend server.
npm run pwa:start Starts only web client (You'll need to run npm run pwa:build first).
npm run pwa:build Builds the web client
npm run dev Starts backend server and client app in dev mode, which watches for changes in the source files and automatically rebuilds/restarts the corresponding components.
npm test Run tests.


Environment Variable Default Description
PL_SERVER_PORT 3000 Which port to host the backend server on
PL_SERVER_URL$PL_SERVER_PORT Public URL that will resolve to the backend server. Used by clients to send requests.
PL_PWA_PORT 8080 Which port to host the web client on
PL_PWA_URL$PL_PWA_PORT Public URL that will resolve to the web client. Used by the server to generate links into the web client.
PL_PWA_DIR ./packages/pwa/dist Build directory for web client.
PL_DATA_DIR ./data Directory used by server for persistent data storage
PL_ATTACHMENTS_DIR ./attachments Directory used by server to store attachments
PL_LOGS_DIR ./logs Directory used by server to store logs
PL_EMAIL_USER - SMTP user for sending emails.
PL_EMAIL_SERVER - SMTP server for sending emails
PL_EMAIL_PORT - SMTP port for sending emails
PL_EMAIL_SECURE false SMTP use secured connection for sending emails
PL_EMAIL_PASSWORD - SMTP password for sending email
PL_REPORT_ERRORS - Email address used for reporting unexpected errors in the backend.


For a security design overview, check out the security whitepaper.