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NetworkManager tray icon -> simple front end (nm-applet)
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nm-tray is a simple NetworkManager front end with information icon residing in system tray (like e.g. nm-applet). It's a pure Qt application. For interaction with NetworkManager it uses API provided by KF5::NetworkManagerQt -> plain DBus communication.


This software is licensed under GNU GPLv2 or later

Build example

git clone
cd nm-tray
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..



For arch users there is an AUR package nm-tray-git (thanks to pmattern).


nm-tray is in the official repository of openSUSE since Leap 15.0. There is a also a git package in the X11:LXQt:git devel project of OBS.


Thanks to agaida nm-tray is now in official debian repositories (nm-tray).


Thanks to Weblate anyone can help us to localize nm-tray by using the hosted weblate service.

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