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Pandora Network

Distributed smart contract & computing multi-layer network build with LNP/BP protocols (#Bitcoin, #Lightning, #RGB, Bifrost, Prometheus, Storm).

Pandora network is a distributed uncensorable smart contract & computing multi-layer network build with LNP/BP protocols (Bitcoin, Lightning, RGB, Bifrost, Prometheus, Storm) created and maintained by Pandora Prime SA.

Its key value proposition is combination of scalability and strong confidentiality (which implies strong censorship-resistant properties).

It's key abilities are:

  • Multiparty trustless smart contracts
  • Multiparty generic computing (including machine learning)
  • Decentralized data storage
  • Efficient messaging

Its first layer consists of two domains: bitcoin blockchain and Pandora RNA - a sidechain designed for use with client-side-validation.

The second layer consists of a federation of Lightning nodes, operating Bifrost protocol. These nodes maintain a set of multi-peer channels.

The third layer is a reputation-based layer, composed of a subnetwork of lightning nodes operating Storm and Prometheus protocols and providing decentralized search and computing services.

The forth, application layer, provides following services, based on the layers underneath:

  • Curated asset catalog, for the use by wallets, exchanges and other asset market players;
  • Oracles for DLC and RGB contracts;
  • Liquidity pools on Lightning network and a set of DEX nodes with ability to stake bitcoins and earn share in DEX operation profits;
  • Search over decentralized storm network ("duckduckgo for lightning");
  • Simplified decentralized search, storage and computing (including machine learning) APIs using pools of storage and computing providers from the layer three;
  • Decentralized market for data and computing models.

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