PaNOSC Stakeholders

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This list contains all PaNOSC stakeholders and their contact details.

Please note: PMC means Project Management Committee and EB means Executive Board

Employer Surname Name PaNOSC Role WP Picture Email Telephone Job Title Comments
ESRF Bodera Sempere Jordi Project Manager WP1 (lead) IMG +33 476 88 23 08 Project Coordinator
ESRF Götz Andy Project Coordinator WP2 (lead), ALL (contributor) IMG +33 476 88 21 31 Software Group Head
ESRF Dimper Rudolf EB Member ALL (contributor) +33 476 88 20 55 Head of TI Division
ESRF Sanchez del Rio Manuel WP5 (contributor) +33 476 88 25 13 Engineer
ESRF de Maria Antolinos Alejandro Data Manager
ESS Rod Thomas  WP8 (lead), WP5 (contributor) +45 2550 3909 Group Leader Data Reduction, Analysis & Modelling
ESS Richter Tobias  WP3 (lead) +46 72 1792 314 Group Leader Experiment Control and Data Curation
ESS Aulin Petra PMC Member ALL ESS coordinator IMG +45 25 50 39 04 Project Coordinator
ESS Taylor Jonathan EB Member WP 2, WP 7 (contributor) +46 707 87 81 08 Head of DMSC
ESS Murphy Gareth WP Participant WP 3 (contributor) Data Curation Scientist
ESS Rude Selknaes Jesper WP Participant WP 4, WP 6, WP 8 (contributor) DMSC Scientist
ESS Lindgren Jensen Brian WP Participant WP 4, WP 6, WP 8 (contributor) DMSC Scientist
ESS Greenwood Lottie WP Participant WP 4, WP 6, WP 8 (contributor) DMSC Scientist
ESS Galal Kareem WP Participant WP 4, WP 6, WP 8 (contributor) DMSC Scientist
ESS Bertelsen Mads WP Participant WP 5, WP 8 (contributor) Post Doc
ESS Armstrong Margaret WP Participant WP 9 (contributor) Grant Administrator
EuXFEL Fangohr Hans PMC Member WP4 (lead), ALL (contributor) IMG
EuXFEL Brockhauser Sandor EB Member ALL (contributor) IMG sandor.brockhauser +49 40 8998 6776 Group Leader Control and Analysis Software
EuXFEL Fortmann-Grote Carsten WP5 (lead)
CERIC-ERIC Kolar Jana EB Member +39 040 375 8254 Executive Director CERIC-ERIC
CERIC-ERIC De Giacomo Ornela +39 040 375 8534 Deputy Executive Director Of CERIC-ERIC
CERIC-ERIC Pugliese Roberto WP7 (lead) +39 040 375 8028 Deputy General Coordinator and Coordinator of IT at Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste
CERIC-ERIC Roccella Dario PMC Member +39 040 375 8413 Project Officer
CERIC-ERIC Carboni Nicoletta WP9 (lead) +39 040 375 8953 Senior Communication Officer
CERIC-ERIC Baghdadi Salma +39 040 375 8808 Communication Officer
ILL Perrin Jean-François WP6 (lead), ALL (contributor) Head of IT Services
ILL Hall Jamie WP2, WP3, WP4, WP6 contributor Senior developer
ELI-DC Gliksohn Florian PMC Member +420 774 929 347 Associate Director
ELI-DC Weeks Allen EB Member +36 30 781 3081‬ Director General
EGI Ferrari Tiziana EB Member +31 6 3037 2691 Technical Director Communications:; Admin: (MAIN),,,,,,,,
EGI Scardaci Diego WP Participant WP6 User Support Team
EGI La Rocca Giuseppe WP Participant WP6 User Support Team
DESY Guelzow Volker WP Participant WP6
DESY Fuhrmann Patrick WP Participant WP6 +49 40 8998 4474 Head of IT Project Office
DESY Schuh Michael WP Participant WP6 +49 40 8998 2316 System Analyst
DESY Kemp Yves WP Participant WP6 +49 40 8998 2318 Head of Systems
CESNET Ruda Mirek WP Participant WP6
STFC Collier Ian WP Participant WP6
STFC Matthews Brian WP Participant WP6
ELI-ALPS Gaizer Tamás ALL (contributor) +36 30 750 2030 Head of General IT Department
ELI-ALPS Schrettner Lajos ALL (contributor) +36 70 374 8487 Software Engineering Group Leader

Summary table with Executive Board and Project Management committee members:

Partner Project Management Committee Member Executive Board Member
ESRF Andy Gotz Rudolf Dimper ✔
ILL Jean-Francois Perrin Mark Johnson ✔
EuXFEL Hans Fangohr Thomas Tschentscher ✔
ELI-DC Florian Gliksohn Allen Weeks
ESS Petra Aulin Jonathan Taylor ✔
CERIC-ERIC Dario Roccella Jana Kolar ✔
EGI Diego Scardaci Tiziana Ferrari ✔

Please note ✔ means that they have receive a formal nomination from top management of their institute.

Summary table with WP leaders:

Work Package Leader Partner
WP1 - Management Jordi Bodera ESRF
WP2 - Data Policy and Stewardship Andy Gotz ESRF
WP3 - Data Catalog Services Tobias Richter ESS
WP4 - Data Analysis Services Hans Fangohr
WP5 - VIrtual Neutron and x-raY Laboratory (VINYL) Carsten Fortmann-Grote
WP6 - EOSC Integration Jean-François Perrin ILL
WP7 - Sustainability Roberto Pugliese CERIC-ERIC
WP8 - Staff and User Training Thomas Rod ESS
WP9 - Outreach/Communication and Dissemination/Impact Nicoletta Carboni CERIC-ERIC
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