Delphi implementation of a Linux daemon
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Delphi implementation of a Linux deamon

This is the code for the blog articles:

The first demo (DelphiDaemonBase folder) is the exact code showed in the article, it's a simple but fully functional Linux daemon implementation in a .dpr project with the syslog.pas unit.

The second demo (DelphiDaemonWiRL folder) is built with two (independent) units from the WiRL library: WiRL.Console.Posix.Daemon.pas and WiRL.Console.Posix.Syslog.pas that contains the (same) code to build a Linux daemon but incapsulated in easy-to-use Delphi classes.

The third demo (GitHubHooksDaemon folder) is a fully featured REST Linux daemon built with the WiRL library and it shows how to encapsulate further the code logic to build a console application that behave as standard console app in debug and a daemon in release.