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A collection of all my personal projects


A Minecraft plugin that creates a minigame for players to gather resources and battle it out

Download | GitHub

Created in August 2020 using Java

Dream Scheme

A web app that generates Dreamesque intro scripts

Website | GitHub

Created in July 2020 using JavaScript


A Telegram bot that allows channel admins to post scheduled quizzes using a list of questions from Google Sheets


Created in March 2020 using Python

Museum of Broken Watches

An app that displays the correct time by showing a a picture of one of the 720 watches stopped in time. Based on the art installation by Rhonda Weppler & Trevor Mahovsky


Created in February 2020 using App Inventor

URL Checker

A GitHub action that tests markdown files for broken links

Website | GitHub

Created in October 2019 using Python

Video Cloud

A simple CLI that generates word clouds from YouTube videos

Website | GitHub

Created in June 2019 using Python

Sumo Pit

A local multiplayer game where players try to push each other off a moving platform

Download | GitHub

Created in May 2019 using Unity3D


A python script that tracks and graphs a Redditor's karma over time

Website | GitHub

Created in March 2019 using Python


A reddit bot that analyzes the market at r/MemeEconomy and provides insightful information

Website | GitHub

Created in February 2019 using Python

MemeEconomy Maket Evaluator

A set of online tools and calculators to analyze the market at r/MemeEconomy

Website | GitHub

Created in January 2019 using Javascript


A dynamic URL shortener capable of pointing users to different destinations based on various factors

Website | GitHub

Created in December 2018 using PHP

Kevlar Animation

A web animation of kevar's chemical structure made in After Effects and rendered with Lottie

Website | GitHub

Created in November 2018 using After Effects and Lottie


The concept for an AI that grows and adapts to individual students' needs

Website | GitHub

Created in September 2018 using Javascript

Email Status

A site that validates if an email address exists or not

Website | GitHub

Created in August 2018 using PHP

Discord Emoji Converter

A tool to convert any message into emoji markup that Discord understands

Website | GitHub

Created in July 2018 using Javascript

PHP Webpage Builder

A page that generates static webpages from HTML, CSS, and Javascript code

Website | GitHub

Created in May 2018 using PHP

Sanskrit Quotes Calendar

A simple website that shows a different quote in Sanskrit each day of the month

Website | GitHub

Created in May 2018 using Bootstrap

Topcorn [App]

An app that lets users play the number game Popcorn from anywhere around the world


Created in February 2017 using MIT App Inventor

Spellbind [App]

An app that lets users practice different levels of spelling while receiving instant feedback


Created in November 2016 using MIT App Inventor

Egyptian Number Translator

A converter that converts numbers from the modern-day decimal system to the Ancient Egyptian number system


Created in February 2015 using Javascript


A collection of all my personal projects







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