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Deprecated Bridges

This repo is deprecated. Originally it contained the ETH <> ETH-PoA bridge (see tumski tag). Later it was repurposed for ETH-PoA <> Substrate bridge development, however we've decided to work on the bridge from scratch, and you can find the latest version in:

DISCLAIMER: we recommend not using the bridge in "production" (to bridge significant amounts) just yet. it's missing a code audit and should still be considered alpha. we can't rule out that there are bugs that might result in loss of the bridged amounts. we'll update this disclaimer once that changes

Build Status Solidity Coverage Status (contracts only)

Bridge is able to pass arbitrary messages between an Ethereum Proof of Authority chain and a Substrate Chain - either Standalone or Polkadot Parachain.

TODO: Docs

These docs are very incomplete yet. Describe high-level goals here in the (near) future.