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Update information regarding strawberry perl build.

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@@ -156,6 +156,13 @@ properties so they are available whenever you open a shell.)
Note: It is possible to use ActiveState Perl with the Toolkit: you don't
have to compile your own perl.
+=item Strawberry Perl
+With the Strawberry perl distro from
+L<>, gcc is included. To build parrot,
+use the strawberry perl binary to run, and then
+follow the directions.
=item MinGW32 with GCC
The latest release of MinGW package at the time of writing is 5.1.3,
@@ -175,8 +182,6 @@ With the ActiveState Perl distribution, tell to use gcc :
perl --cc=gcc --without-icu
-With the strawberry distribution, gcc is already the compiler.
=item Intel C++

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