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Removed trailing ./ so that we don't mess up with the jsb3 generator

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commit 1ffc6f06438e2330c341c1d8204e14c78c7523ed 1 parent 0635875
@felicitus felicitus authored
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  1. +1 −1  build.xml
2  build.xml
@@ -349,7 +349,7 @@
<!-- Builds the jsb3 file and build the minified JS files -->
<target name="jsbuilder">
- <exec command="php util/gen-jsb3-file.php ./src/frontend/ ${extjs.path}" />
+ <exec command="php util/gen-jsb3-file.php src/frontend/ ${extjs.path}" />
<exec command="${extjs.path}/jsbuilder/ --projectFile ${project.basedir}/partkeepr.jsb3 --deployDir ${project.basedir}/frontend/js" passthru="true" />
<exec command="${extjs.path}/jsbuilder/ --projectFile ${project.basedir}/3rdparty/Ext.ux.Exporter/Ext.ux.Exporter.jsb --deployDir ${project.basedir}/frontend/js/Ext.ux" passthru="true" />
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