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[stylus] 1 asset handling for [Play 2.2] 2, implemented as an [sbt] 3 plugin (very similar to Play's handling of CoffeeScript and LESS).


The plugin assumes the availability of the stylus executable. With node.js and npm installed, run

npm install -g stylus

to install stylus globally, thereby installing not only the module, but also the executable.


In your Play application folder, add

resolvers += "Patience Releases" at ""

addSbtPlugin("patience" % "play-stylus" % "1.0.0")

to project/plugins.sbt, and


to build.sbt.

The plugin registers for compilation of app/assets/**/*.styl, that is all stylus files in your app/assets directory.

sbt settings

  • compile:resource-generators: The stylus file watcher is being added here
  • play-stylus-entry-points: All files matching app/assets/**/*.styl, except files starting in an underscore
  • play-stylus-options: A sequence of strings passed to stylus as command-line flags


Copyright (c) 2012 Johannes Emerich

MIT-style licensing, for details see file LICENSE.