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WordPress Plugins Dashboard

The dashboard provides an overview on plugins listed in the official plugin directory on

  • plugin information, such as the author, the latest version, the number of downloads, the URLs of pages, and much more
  • statistics on installed versions, ratings and support threads on
  • translations via Translating WordPress

The web application written in PHP fetches the data via the Plugins API.

How to create your custom dashboard

You can add the following GET parameters to to specify which plugins are shown:

  • plugins=plugin1,plugin2,plugin3 to show the plugins with the respective slugs on
  • authors=author1,author2 to show all the author's plugins (the author must be specified using the username)

How to get your own installation

  • Clone this repository.
  • Generate the minimized CSS and JavaScript files with npm run build.
  • Copy config.sample.php to config.php.
  • Edit config.php to define the data directory (and optionally the plugins/authors to be updated by the cronjob).
  • Copy all files to your server running PHP.
  • Create a daily cron-job for cron.php (recommended, but optional). To create the data directories, cron.php needs to be started once.

How to develop

Required: Composer and npm

  • Install dependencies via composer install and npm install.
  • Use npm run build to create/update the minimized CSS and JavaScript files.
  • Use composer cs to check the PHP code for PSR-12 compatibility, and composer csfix to fix issues automatically.


Summary of plugins with data accessible via their Plugins API