PatternFly Elements: A set of UI web components
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PatternFly Elements is a collection of flexible and lightweight Web Components, and the tools to build them. PatternFly Elements are...

  • Lightweight: small file size, minimal boilerplate, no "framework-like" features.
  • Universal: write once, use everywhere. PatternFly Elements work in React, Vue, Angular, vanilla JS, anywhere HTML elements are used.

The result of these two principles is plugging one set of components into a wide variety of applications, bringing UX consistency and developer familiarity to any web project.

A Yeoman generator is included for creating Web Components that meets these goals.

Let's get started!


git clone
cd patternfly-elements
npm install # this will take a while due to lerna bootstrap
npm run storybook

The storybook script will launch the interactive demo pages.

Notice: You will need to use Node v.7 or higher. Storybook may not work with Node v.10.

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