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Generate my PDF resume with Ruby
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This is a Ruby command line interface (CLI) application that generates my resume. I made it in order to teach myself a bit about the Ruby PDF generation library Prawn. Railscast #153 is also a good resource for learning about it.

Text is deliberately obfuscated in the JSON files that contain the resume content with Base64 to ensure people generate the PDF in order to be able to read anything.


git clone
cd resume
bundle install


  • Ruby 2.6.3
  • i18n, Prawn and Prawn-Table (if you don't have the specific versions of the gems, you will be prompted to install them)
  • RSpec, if you want to run the tests


Generate Resume

Generate the resume in the following languages:

🇬🇧 bin/resume
🇮🇹 bin/resume -l it
🇯🇵 bin/resume -l ja

Help: bin/resume -h


Run the tests:


Coverage Report

View the Simplecov test coverage report:

open coverage/index.html


Generate the YARD documentation:


One Sheet Resume

Generate the "one sheet" version of the resume (the whole app and specs in a single file called resume.rb).


If I sent my resume to you directly, it would have been generated from this rake task:

bin/rake resume

Generate One Sheet

The resume PDF can be generated from the one sheet in a similar way as the CLI app:

🇬🇧 ruby resume.rb
🇮🇹 ruby resume.rb -l it
🇯🇵 ruby resume.rb -l ja

One Sheet Specs

The specs can also be run directly on the one sheet resume:

rspec resume.rb

Delete Assets

If there are ever any errors or issues related to the downloading of remote assets that cause the resume to not be able to be generated, you can run the following rake task to delete all resume-related assets from the local tmpdir:

bin/rake resume:delete_assets

Related Resources


  • It doesn't seem possible yet in Prawn to make an embedded image a clickable link. Until support is possible (if ever), I've simply pulled in images from Dropbox and overlaid a transparent text link on top to simulate clicking an image. More discussion on this issue is at this StackOverflow thread.


Using Ruby Packer, an executable can be created for the resume. However, this is very experimental, doesn't really work properly, and is only documented here as an interesting curiosity.

Install Ruby Packer

Follow the instructions on the repository's README file. I'll focus on the MacOS installation instructions.

In the resume directory, perform the following:

brew install squashfs
curl -L | gunzip > rubyc
chmod +x rubyc

Generate resume first

Before attempting to do anything with any executable, make sure that you've generated the resume in your target language already so that image and font assets are stored in your local tmp folder and no further connections need to be made in order to fetch them. This is because of an open issue regarding SSL with Enclose.IO's Ruby executable.

If this issue gets solved, maybe the executable can be used to go fetch assets as well.

Generate and run resume executable

As of this writing, Enclose.IO's Ruby executable only goes up to version 2.4.1. Therefore, we will have to override the specified Ruby version with an ENV variable when generating and running the resume executable.

Generate executable (here named resume.out):

CUSTOM_RUBY_VERSION="2.4.1" ./rubyc bin/resume -o resume.out

Run resume executable:

🇬🇧 CUSTOM_RUBY_VERSION="2.4.1" ./resume.out
🇮🇹 CUSTOM_RUBY_VERSION="2.4.1" ./resume.out -l it
🇯🇵 CUSTOM_RUBY_VERSION="2.4.1" ./resume.out -l ja

So, yes, more of a curiosity here than anything really useful.


Stack Overflow

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